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The Theory

Stock survey nettingThe concept of removing stock as a way of improving the angling catches from a fishery can in our experience be a difficult one for anglers to come to grips with, so perhaps a few words of explanation may be appropriate.

In a heavily stocked fishery situation where there is a combination of either too many of a particular fish species this can result in inter and or intra competition (one species out competing another species or individual fish out competing each other through a system of hierarchal dominance. Of course, and it is often the case that species stocked interact poorly together in a fishery, and then the related stress is likely to be present in a chronic form.

The stress will often be as a result of the naturally occurring hierarchy's that regulate fish populations in fisheries where man has no part. However these hierarchies’s which are largely involved in competition also cause stress in the somewhat unnatural environment of a recreational fishery.

The stress is largely induced by competition between species that would naturally not occur, and by competition between individuals as a result of species populations that have become unbalanced in their dynamics or structure. This can simply happen because of poor breeding success and recruitment, with year classes being absent from the population or it can simply be the spatial element, there are just too many fish in too small a space.

Talk to the A.G.A fisheries management team to discuss whether a stock assessment would help manage your fishery for optimum benefits if terms of fishing quality and fish welfare.