Algae in cooling towers can be controlled with AGA installed ultrasonic algae busters

Algae Control in Cooling Towers

Need to manage Algae in Cooling Towers?

The technology supplied by AGA Group directly controls existing algae and prevents the growth of new algal cells without TM using chemicals. Thanks to the new Lp-Bs Technology the LG Sonic® products can control algal growth in a circuit using only 10 Watt.

Controls biofilm formation
The sound waves produced by the LG Sonic® are strong enough to inhibit the adherence of bacteria to a surface. EPS, present in an existing biofilm, is directly targeted, degrading the biofilm.

Reduces chemicals
The AGA installed LG Sonic® technology effectively controls algae, biofilm and Legionella which diminishes the need to frequently add chemicals, to shock the cooling water.

Choosing the  correct unit for your application is easyImproved efficiency
Even a small layer of biofilm within a pipe reduces its diameter. This means less water can be pumped around the circuit and more power is needed. Besides that, a biofilm can function as an insulating layer around the grids and pipes, thereby reducing the cooling efficiency of the tower. By reducing the formation of a biofilm, the LG Sonic® helps increase the efficiency of the cooling

Prevent damage to pumps and pipes

Bacteria present in a biofilm can produce acids, corrosive for metal, or even use metal as fuel. Debris present in the cooling tower water can be collected in the biofilm, leading to damage to pumps and pipes.

With LG Sonic® the formation of a biofilm can be controlled, preventing damage to the system.

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